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Aegis Instruments - Test Equipment Specialists

Aegis Instruments has supplied New Zealand industry with quality test equipment for more than 12 years. Utilities and tradespeople alike have come to respect the professional product and service we provide.

Aegis Instruments now services a wide range of customers in the data, electrical, gas, telecommunications, and water industries.

Aegis, the Australian parent company of Aegis Instruments, began manufacturing components for radio enthusiasts' way back in 1933. Along the way, they have developed at a remarkable pace being a pre-eminent test equipment designer and manufacturer in the Australian marketplace.

Aegis specialises in working with industry to understand what is required and design an instrument to suit. Products such as the CZ1000(F-Set), CZ20500 Multifunction Installation Tester, and Patrols(PATs) have become industry standards and continue to maintain Aegis Instruments as one of the premier suppliers in the New Zealand industry. Major utilities in the telecommunications, gas, and water industries rely upon Aegis Instruments equipment to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of their networks. These products have evolved to become the standard tools for tradespeople New Zealand wide.

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ElectricalElectricians, Electrical Workers & Engineers

Aegis Instruments provides quality test equipment for all electrical needs from the basics of Multimeters, Clamp Meters, and Insulation Testers through to Multifunction Testers and PATs. Circuit tracers and underground pipe/cable locators are a specialty.

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Telecomms & Data Telecom and LAN Technicians and Engineers

Aegis Instruments provides quality test equipment for communications networks. Our fault locators, LAN testers, and test phones have been trade favourites for many years. Our QuickSwitch is the industry standard for connectivity.

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Water & GasNetwork Managers, Plumbers, and Technicians

Aegis Instruments provides quality tools for pipe network management. Remote data logging for flow, pressure, and level provide smart metering solutions and maximise ROI. CP data logging enables automated regulatory compliance. 

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    Test Phones, Buttinskis, & Buttsets

    A test phone is the basic tool of the trade for anyone doing telco work anywhere in the world. There are many types and versions of test phones ranging from the basic requirement of making a call to test the line through to integrated TDRs for length measurement and fault location.

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  • 07

    Featured Product: CZ20074

    The CZ20074 is one of the best Voltage Detectors on the market.

    The Aegis adjustable sensitivity AC Voltage Detector is the only tool you need to test AC voltage. Sold to electricians and contractors worldwide, the CZ20074 is a tried and tested, proven tool, perfect for testing all indoor AC voltage outputs.

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