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About Aegis Instruments

Aegis Instruments NZ Ltd has celebrated over 12 years of servicing the New Zealand communications industry.

Aegis Pty Ltd, the Australian parent Company of Aegis Instruments NZ Ltd,  began manufacturing components for radio enthusiasts' way back in 1933. Along the way, we too have developed at a remarkable pace.

Aegis Instruments NZ Ltd now services a wide range of customers in the telecommunications, data, and electrical fields as well as excavation and utilities.






Established in 2003, Aegis Instruments NZ Ltd gained a strong reputation as a manufacturer of electronic components such as RF coils, filters and chokes. Since then the company has matured into one of New Zealand's premier product development companies in the telecommunications, data, and electrical fields.

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Over the years, the Aegis Instruments product range has evolved from radio receiver sets consisting of self manufactured Transformers, Coils, Antennas and other hardware for the radio enthusiast, to high quality tools and hardware for Telecommunications companies and their technicians.

Today Aegis Instruments serves the needs of customers in the following markets:

  • Telecommunications
  • Data
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Occupational Health & Safety


12 years on, we continue to proudly design and manufacture product design
to make our customers' jobs easier.


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