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Test Phones, Buttinskis, & Buttsets

A test phone is the basic tool of the trade for anyone doing telco work anywhere in the world. There are many types and versions of test phones ranging from the basic requirement of making a call to test the line through to integrated TDRs for length measurement and fault location.

When choosing your test phone think carefully about the features you really need as the price varies significantly across the range of products.

If what you really need is a durable butt to test the voice quality of the line you can use something in the ‘Contractor’ range, like the CZ20018 that comes with a 3 way lead-set including a Krone connector; if you need more PABX features you may want to step up to of the butts in our ‘Technician’ range; if you think you really need features like voltage and current alarming, two way hands free operation and the highest levels of ruggedness and waterproofing go for the ‘Professional’ range.

If you need any help in choosing the right butt for you just call us on 1300 723447.

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