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Circuit Tracers

The famous Aegis F set circuit tracer with cable tracing, pair ID, continuity, polarity, and 240V protection

(ex GST)
RRP: $316.25
Ex GST: $275.00
GST: $41.25

The TraceAll family of pipe & cable tracers and locators has been designed for tradespeople to be able to locate all services from GPO outlets to buried main lines.

(ex GST)
RRP: $1,431.75
Ex GST: $1,245.00
GST: $186.75

Turn your TraceAll mains tracer into a TraceAll underground pipe & cable locator wit the addition of this wand !

(ex GST)
RRP: $1,144.25
Ex GST: $995.00
GST: $149.25

Add inductive signal transmission to your cable locator with this simple TraceAll accessory.

(ex GST)
RRP: $569.25
Ex GST: $495.00
GST: $74.25

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