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AC Voltage Detector

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The CZ20074 is one of the best Voltage Detectors on the market.

The Aegis adjustable sensitivity AC Voltage Detector is the only tool you need to test AC voltage.

About the size of a marking pen, this battery operated, non-contact tester detects AC voltages from 50 - 1000V. It's easy to operate, with flashing LED indicators, an audible buzzer and vibration to alert the user when the AC voltage has been detected. The unit will glow green when safe, and when voltage is detected it will flash red and beep at an increasing rate as you get closer to the voltage source.

The sensitivity is able to be adjusted using the rotating thumbwheel.

Sold to electricians and contractors worldwide, the CZ20074 is a tried and tested, proven tool, perfect for testing all indoor AC voltage outputs.


Applications of the CZ20074 AC Voltage Detector:

  • Detecting live mains in Outlets
  • Detecting live mains in Power boards
  • Detecting live mains in Insulated wiring


Features of the CZ20074 AC Voltage Detector:

  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • 50 - 1000V AC voltage range
  • CAT IV 1000V
  • Audible, visual, Vibration indication


Note! Subject to technical change without notice.


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