Trace All Mains Circuit/RCD Tracer

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The TraceAll family of pipe & cable tracers and locators has been designed for tradespeople to be able to locate all

The CZ1890 is just one of our incredible TraceAll packages.

The TraceAll family of pipe and cable tracers and locators has been designed as the ultimate range of locating and tracing tools. In this bestselling range for tradespeople you can find every tool you need to locate all services - and you can do it all with the one base transmitter!

Designed to be connected to mains circuits for application, you'll never find a better tool than the CZ1890 Indoor Circuit Tracer kit for the job.

The CZ1890 is an Indoor Circuit Tracer Kit, consisting of the high powered TraceAll Base Transmitter and Circuit Tracer. It allows the user to locate circuit breakers and fuses on switchboards and general purpose outlets (GPOs) on the wall. It can also be used to trace and locate all internal services such as data, electrical, television and telecommunications cables, as well as gas and water pipes inside walls.

Applications of the CZ1890 Indoor Circuit Tracer Kit:

  • Correctly identify fuses and circuit breakers
  • Trace mains cables
  • Trace cables not carrying current
  • Trace cables behind insulation
  • Locate all internal services (data cables, electrical cables, television cables, telecommunications cables, gas pipes and water pipes)


The CZ1890 features the most accurate and flexible circuit tracer on the market and provides the user with full control of functionality, ensuring that you have the best outcome when locating services. Incorporated as standard is manual sensitivity control, an essential feature for eliminating ghost signals when identifying fuses. Both static and magnetic receiving modes are also standard with the CZ1890 Indoor Circuit Tracer kit, ensuring cables can be traced even when they are not carrying current or are behind screens such as foil insulation. You can use Normal mode to trace cables through plasterboard and brickwork, and use Screened mode to trace cables concealed by metallic screens such as in wall installation. The transmitter has Low, High and TracePlus modes for near, far and multi-service locating.

Features of the CZ1890 Indoor Circuit Tracer Kit:

  • The ultimate indoor circuit tracing tool
  • Manual sensitivity control
  • Static and Magnetic receiving modes
  • Capable of Near, Far and Multi-Service locating
  • Battery and Mains powered
  • Lightweight and fully portable
  • Sturdy waterproof transmitter case
  • Australian owned and designed
  • Wide range of accessories available

Note! Subject to technical change without notice.

Other TraceAll Systems and Accessories available for the CZ1890:

The flexibility of the TraceAll system ensures that you will always be able to easily add outdoor capabilities to your CZ1890 Indoor Circuit Tracer system: The same TraceAll base transmitter can be customised to cover all locating and tracing requirements.

These affordable items in the TraceAll range can be purchased individually to add to this Indoor Kit, providing full tracing and locating features for underground pipe and cable location.